Cours d’anglais en collège

Un cours d’anglais en collège

Voici un article rédigé par notre professeur d’anglais, Svetlana, concernant un cours d’anglais pour la classe de 5ème du collège.

L’enseignement d’une langue étrangère ne doit pas comprendre que des cours sur “la langue” proprement dite mais aussi sur la culture des pays afin de mieux comprendre les habitants, leur histoire, leur géographie, leur façon de vivre etc…

Lisez cet article il est passionnant.

Sylvie d’Esclaibes


“British History in our Middle school


This year our students in 5ème will have a new subject called ‘British History Highlights’. History is not the past, it is a retelling of the past, and the storyteller’s point of view is inevitably coloured by a) the time the story is retold; b) the place the storyteller comes from; and c) the storyteller’s personal views (influenced by education, family background, and gender). The historical highlights (and dramatic lowpoints!) in our programme are a modern -and hopefully balanced -British view of past events. We have included personal project suggestions so students can research and present a different side of a particular story if they want to. Knowledge should bring with it more thoughtful tolerance.

Many lessons include vocabulary activation activities of different types. A good dictionary can help students in this case, providing opportunities for improving self-study skills. All lessons contain presentation material, which introduces the topic and gives students information about it. This is followed by activities that help students understand the text. These include matching, ordering, summary correction activities, true-false activities, gapfilling and skimming and scanning tasks. These are in most cases followed by different language practice activities. Personalised project suggestions are always included.

Within each topic there are three varied sub-topic lessons at different levels.

– for students with 1-2 years of English

– for students with 2 -3 years of English

– for students with more than 3 years of English

All the topics lead naturally into a project work. The personal project suggestions can be used for ‘on-the-spot’ discussion work in class. After this, students can prepare projects based on other aspects of British history, or on aspects of their own culture and its history.

 We hope our topics help to explain why Britain and the British are like they are today!”

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