Arrivée de notre nouvelle assistante américaine

Arrivée de notre nouvelle assistante américaine

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Présentation ce matin de Kristina à la classe de primaire.

Ce matin, nos élèves de primaire ont eu la joie d’accueillir notre nouvelle assistante américaine qui va s’occuper davantage des enfants anglophones et bilingues des classes de primaire et de collège.

Voici un article que notre éducatrice anglophone, Svetlana, a rédigé suite à cette journée :


Our students were excited and enthusiastic in the morning.Why? Today our new assistant Kristina arrived from the USA. Very friendly, kind and smiling she immediately got sympathy from our students who were looking forward to her visit. 

Kristina prepared a presentation about the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States, the place she is from. She told us lots of interesting facts and then the children asked her interesting questions on different topics.

The new assistant will be with us 10 weeks helping our students from a primary, middle and high school to improve and keep their English up-to-date. Mainly they will be working on a pronounciation and other speaking activities which will allow our students to take the Cambridge exams easily. Today’s meeting has shown that Kristina will become a friend for them and they will have a nice collaboration together.

Good luck!”

Bienvenue à Kristina parmi nous !

Sylvie d’Esclaibes

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